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  • Adele Hello New Single and Album 25 Track List

    Hello is Adele’s new single and 25 the title of her new Album releasing on November 20, 2015: here is some reviews and the music video.

    No matter what kind of song she creates and sings; I will always and forever love her! She has my heart! I’ve waited what seems like a lifetime for this album and I can’t wait any longer! Alright, please get off her throne and let the Queen sit.

    Hello is already the song and music video of the year. It’s so good. Such a perfect song for a comeback! She has grown into such a beautiful young lady and her voice is better than ever. And for the music video, she is the biggest female star on the planet and put a black male lead in her video. When would any other white pop star? Such a Queen! Take notes. I have Hello on repeat and I can’t wait for the rest of the album.

    This is one of those songs that does not come around often. You know, that song that will never get deleted from your favorites playlist. That song that just never gets old, that takes you back to a point in your life where you said goodbye to someone. That song that still gets played on the radio 20 years down the road. Classic and pure feeling. Good job Adele.

    hello adele 25

    With so much power and grace, Adele never seems to loose her touch. I have been a fan since she first appeared in America’s headlines and have been following her ever since.
    With this album, I know I will be blown away. The EP “Hello” already has me wanting more. After 4 long years, Adele has came back with a different sound, still keeping her voice the same way as we have known it to be. Graceful. Elegant. One of a kind.

    New Album 25 Track List – Adele

    Here is the track list of Adele’s new album title 25

    1. Hello
    2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
    3. I Miss You
    4. When We Were Young
    5. Remedy
    6. Water Under the Bridge
    7. River Lea
    8. Love in the Dark
    9. Million Years Ago
    10. All I Ask
    11. Sweetest Devotion

    She’s back and better than ever. Oh how I’ve missed the raw voice of Adele. I’ve waited years for this 21 was a major success and I’m sure 25 will bring bigger things in store. We’ll see but I already know it’s going to do amazing on the charts Adele’s back and she said hello.

    This song is perfection. When I heard the snippet that was released I wondered where she would take it with the chorus and I was not at all disappointed. She nailed it with this song!
    I was put in a trance the moment I started the video. Adele is one of the greatest artist of our time and I’m so happy and honored to be part of a generation that gets to enjoy her music. We love you Adele. So excited for your album.

    adele album 25 hello

    Adele 25

    I am so exited about this next coming album, it’s seems she’s grown a lot musically talking, and she’s not afraid to show us her best. She does not realized actually what she is capable to make or do with her voice, she’s just amazing and incomparable. Hope this album gets her even higher than the past one, and make her get what she deserves.

    Hello Adele Music Video

    After a very long wait, Adele is back! Yay! I was absolutely devastated by ’21’ since I was going through a breakup at the time, but I still think it’s one of the albums of this decade, no doubt. It hurt me so much and I still love it, how good did it have to be for that? Judging by ‘Hello’ (which I’ve been listening to on repeat since it dropped half an hour ago), ’25’ is going to be another incredible bestseller with the best music that’s being made in the world. All the artists that wanted to be nominated for the 2016 Grammys are exhaling more.

    This single is proof of why Adele continues to own the music scene. After her clean up at the Grammys for her album 21, She has returned stronger than ever. She serves face in the video and her counterpart is a very attractive young man who compliments her beautifully. She looks stunning and sounds amazing, what more could you ask for.

    Adele’s new single “Hello” is absolutely majestic. Her voice and vocals are perfect and the production is absolutely brilliant. I am so blown away by her new sound and direction, this was truly worth the wait and I’m so excited for 25 to be released. I wish her all the best success on this new single and this new direction, she’s really going to dominate the music industry and the charts worldwide. I hope this goes number one everywhere. This is perfect. Truly brilliant masterpiece.

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